We are delighted that you are interested in volunteering with us.

Volunteering has a long and proud history in probation, dating back to 1907 when the service was first launched by volunteers supporting people sentenced by the courts to become abstinent from alcohol.

Volunteers support the Community Rehabilitation Company and assist the organisation to rehabilitate and reintegrate service users back into the community. Having local people invest their time really helps service users believe they are capable of making positive changes to their circumstances and have a stake in their local community.

Volunteers are able to develop a unique rapport with service users because the offender knows that the volunteer is freely giving their time to help. This can help people feel valued.


Volunteers fulfil a variety of roles that all have a common goal: to improve offenders’ compliance with their orders and licences and to assist with their successful integration back into local communities.

Volunteers work closely with CGM CRC’s staff to ensure they support the achievement of goals set out within an individual’s sentence plan.

Typically a volunteer may be asked to do any of the following:

  • support and encourage people to stick to the terms of their licence or order
  • assist offenders to complete application forms for housing and other agencies
  • encourage and help individuals to set realistic goals and use their time positively
  • encourage self-help and development of people’s self esteem
  • help people access local services that enable them to overcome their problems

For more details about volunteering for CGM CRC click to read our Volunteers Handbook.

What are we looking for in our volunteers

We are seeking individuals who can commit to volunteering for a minimum of one year, and who can offer a minimum of three hours of voluntary activity each week.

The majority of our volunteer placements occur during the working week. Opportunities outside of these times are extremely limited.

How to apply for a volunteer placement

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to Alan Jones: alanjones@interservejustice.org with your full name, address and contact number.

Peer Mentor Volunteer Opportunity

Please note that we are still actively seeking applications for the Peer Mentor Volunteer role so that when the lockdown for COVID-19 is over we will be ready to go. The beginning of the application process can be carried out via telephone and computer, so please do get in touch with any questions or to request an application pack.

If you have personal experience of the Criminal Justice System (been arrested / to prison / on probation) or other life experiences such as Mental Health issues, drug and alcohol misuse, domestic abuse, homelessness, learning disabilities / difficulties etc. and you’d like to use your experiences to support vulnerable people, then apply to become part of our friendly and supportive team as a peer mentor volunteer.

We are always looking for people with lived experience to share their experiences to bring practical and emotional support to individuals who may find themselves at risk of entering the criminal justice system. Working with a peer mentor means an equal relationship can be built with service users where they can be open and trust the mentor; this is established by the peer mentors’ willingness to disclose shared experience.

Our Peer Mentors work right across Greater Manchester, so you can choose where you’d like to work and we request that you commit to a couple of hours a week.

What you may be asked to do:
. Befriend and support people towards a positive emotional well-being
. Accompanying people to a variety of appointments
. Enable people to explore and engage in education, training and employment (ETE)
. Encourage and help people to set realistic goals and use their time positively
. Encourage self-help and the development of self esteem
. Provide practical help, constructive advice and signposting to other support agencies

What we will do for you:
. Provide full training and support to do the role
. Become part of a friendly team which is supportive
. Work around any other commitments you may have
. Help you gain experience and support into paid employment

Please note, our Peer Mentor placements occur during the working week. Opportunities outside of these times are extremely limited but we can work around any other work you do.

How to apply for a peer mentor placement

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Mentor Volunteer or would like more information, send an email to:
MichelleMottram@interservejustice.org with your full name, home address and telephone number.