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Two people on probation have praised an initiative which has helped them access the jobs market by learning new skills.

Gary and Garkai Jwaye-Jwaye are both on Community Orders supervised by the Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company (CGM CRC) and have been awarded certificates for completing a maths and English course and a cookery class.

Hospitality Industry Training (HIT), a specialist training and apprenticeship provider, runs the course at CGM CRC’s Bolton office. Probation is hoping to expand the provision to Wigan and Atherton.

Kas Oliver, probation case manager, supervises Gary and Garkai. Gary’s sentence is domestic assault, while Garkai is on an order for stealing a car.

Gary said: “I know I did wrong and I regret that. I think I’ve learned things on this order which will help me not make those mistakes again.

“I’ve been on probation before, but it wasn’t like this. I’ve been surprised. It’s been good and to be truthful I actually enjoy coming in.

“I struggled with maths and English at school. I never got back into it, but this time around the teacher is great and I’ve not missed a lesson.”

Gary also completed Help, a behaviour programme for men convicted of low level domestic abuse offences.

He said: “Kas really got through to me this time. Help was good too, it makes you think. Next time I know to stop and not let situations develop.”

Garkai said: “When I committed the offence I was stupid, it was a bad day. It won’t happen again. But I wanted to make something positive of it and thanks to Kas and the apprenticeship, I’m making that happen.

“Maths and English have finally started to click for me and I can see a route to an apprenticeship and a job thanks to the support I’ve got and the work I’ve done.

“I’ve been told enough times about how important maths and English are, but I never listened. This time it really hit home and now I want to learn more.”

Garkai, who successfully completed a curfew period on tag, is now on a HIT cookery apprenticeship.

Kas said: “Gary and Garkai have done amazingly well. They have embraced the opportunities on offer and as a result have been coming into probation far more frequently than their orders demanded.

“They are both very positive about the future and not getting back into trouble, and I firmly believe they are going from strength to strength.”

Photo caption: HIT tutor and Gary at Bolton probation.