Community Payback’s silver lining for charity shop volunteer Barry

Community Payback’s silver lining for charity shop volunteer Barry image

A 59-year-old Company Director, convicted of dangerous driving, has become a regular volunteer for a charity shop thanks to Community Payback with the Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company (CGM CRC).

Barry Williams, the MD of several small companies, said: “It was a nerve-wracking experience going to court.  I’d never been interviewed by the Police before.  I pleaded guilty to dangerous driving after a fairly unblemished driving record of more than 40 years.”

Barry received 80 hours of Community Payback in September 2017 which is a punishment and a way for an offender to give something back to their local community.

Barry has previously had two heart attacks and a triple heart by-pass operation so he was medically advised that he shouldn’t do physical work such as lifting. Being a low risk offender, it was suggested that he should work in a charity shop.

“I was given an induction and found the work really enjoyable but it’s always full-on from opening to closing and we didn’t even shut for lunch.  I decided to take three weeks out of my holiday and do my Community Payback all in one go.

“It’s very different from what I normally do with different pressures. It’s never felt like a chore but I ached at the end of the day. It’s a proper retail operation so I was taking clothes donations, sorting them, merchandising, steaming and replenishing garments amongst many other things.”

Although Barry finished his Community Payback at the end of September, he didn’t want it to end there: “The charity is close to my heart. I wanted to give something back over and above my sentence so I now volunteer in the shop on Sundays. They especially appreciate help then. People tend to sort their clothes out at the weekend so it gets busy. But I think my renowned tea-making is most appreciated!”

Barry will also attend a driver awareness course and must re-take his driving test again after 12 months.

“Doing Community Payback has given me an opportunity to volunteer which I wouldn’t have considered otherwise – so there is a silver lining to my experience.”

Barry’s Case manager Val Holmes said:

“I am pleased with Barry’s commitment to his Order and that he has gone on to volunteer. Well done Barry.”

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