Cheshire community payback team praised for a “tremendous job”

Cheshire community payback team praised for a “tremendous job” image

Plaudits are coming in thick and fast for the Community Payback team – run by Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company (CGM CRC) – in Cheshire West for their work improving the environment around Cheshire churches – mowing, weeding, pruning and tidying up.

Following sterling work to improve the grounds of St James Church, Christleton, near Chester, the Parish magazine reports:

“The CGM Community Payback Team is doing a tremendous job. Local people stop to chat, commenting on how the appearance of the grounds has improved. Many of the team take great pride in what they are doing. They enjoy coming to St James because they are made welcome by everyone they come into contact with.”

At Malpas cemetery, Cemetery Clerk Sheila White personally thanked CGM Community Payback Supervisor Val Barker for the outstanding work of his Community Payback team over the last few months.

“Before you arrived, we received complaints about the poor condition the cemetery was in. But comments made by the public are now very positive and complimentary.”

At St Chads Church, Tushingham, Peter Moore-Dutton thanked the CGM Community Payback team for their work to make the grounds “look so tidy and professional. Parishioners complimented us on how good the grounds looked the following Sunday.”

Val said: “It was a real pleasure to pass such positive feedback onto our probationers. Although they are clearly paying a debt to society for what they have done, they were really appreciative of the comments made. Quite rightly they felt a sense of pride in what they had achieved. That has to be a good thing for society as a whole.”

Pictured at Christleton (left to right) are: Val Barker, Community Payback Placement Supervisor; Mike Lightfoot, St James Church Rep; John Eccles, St James Church Rep; Denis McNamara, Community Payback Placement Co-Ordinator

Do you have a Community Payback project in mind?

If you have an idea for a Cmmunity Payback project in your community email us at or, to find out more, go to the CGM CRC website at

Anyone requesting help from Community Payback will need to ensure that their project meets the following criteria:

  • must benefit the local community
  • must not take paid work away from others
  • no one must make a profit from the work
  • must be constructive and worthwhile
  • must be challenging and demanding
  • offenders must be seen to be putting something back into the local community
  • must be within our capabilities and comply with health and safety standards
  • offenders must have access to toilet facilities and drinking water
  • the job must be big enough to provide work for 10 people.